Cutting Board / Walnut + African Padauk + Brownheart + Zebrawood + Hard Maple

Cutting Board / Walnut + African Padauk + Brownheart + Zebrawood + Hard Maple

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This is a hand-built face grain cutting board made with walnut, African padauk, brownheart, zebrawood, and hard maple lumber. This board can also be used as a serving tray, cheese board, or Charcuterie board. 

The lumber used to make this board is sourced from the following areas around the world:

  • Walnut - Central Michigan
  • African Padauk -  Central and tropical west Africa
  • Brownheart -  Northeastern South America
  • Zebrawood -  West Africa
  • Hard Maple - Central Michigan

This board has been finished with food-safe cutting board oil, and includes rubber feet on the bottoms of the board, which help prevent warping and provides stability. The board will be shipped with an insert card which includes information about caring for the board, along with a list of species (and their origin) used to create the product.

This board is available in two sizes: Large (10x16") and Extra Large (12x18"). The design is also available as a serving platter with handles. 

Please note that juice grooves cannot be added to cutting boards that include African Padauk lumber.

Unless specified, all boards are made to order, and generally ready to ship in 5 to 7 business days.